GCF is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit that supports individuals and organizations that search for better living environments for people suffering with dementia syndromes.

We understand that the current model of institutionalization for people with dementia does not support the special needs of this vulnerable population. As our society ages and the incidence of dementia rises, we must look for more suitable environments and treatment modalities to better support those suffering with dementia syndromes.

GCF supports:

Creating awareness of alternatives to traditional institutional residencies for those people with dementia syndromes

Support research in specific architectural designs and environments that support way-finding and minimize anxiety for those with dementia

Use and benefits of Care Farming (farming for therapeutic purposes) for those with dementia.

Education and training for professionals directly interacting and caring for people with dementia

Support such models of care for low-income people with dementia.

Provide employment to disabled people such as the hearing impaired and adults with autism.

Wherever possible, utilize environmentally friendly business practices including Geothermal for HVAC, Solar, Passive Solar, Aquaponic, Bio Rain Garden and Pervious coverage.

Please note, our operating company Green Care Farms is a For Profit Business and is a separate entity from the Foundation.