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New approach to Alzheimer’s fight: Diabetes drugs

Johnson and Johnson recently announced that it was halting a clinical trial for a new Alzheimer’s drug after safety issues emerged. This latest failure adds to the dozens of large, costly clinical trials that have shown no effect in treating this devastating disease. The growing list of failures should give us pause for thought — […]

Dr. Gourmet serves up culinary treats to protect brain health

The brain-health benefits of walnuts and berries are promoted heavily by those industries, but Harlan says the marketing claims are legitimate. “There’ve been a lot of studies done with walnuts and blueberries specifically, because they’ve been funded by the walnut and blueberry guys,” he says. “While you always are a little questionable about the quality […]

Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: 8 Daily Habits a Neurologist Swears

When physician Alois Alzheimer came to examine her, Auguste Deter was sitting on a hospital bed. Alzheimer asked, “What’s your name?” “Auguste,” answered the 51-year-old patient at a Frankfurt hospital. “Last name?” “Auguste,” she repeated. “What’s your husband’s name?” “Auguste,” she said, sounding confused. “I think.” While Deter was eating cauliflower and pork for lunch, […]