Many facilities are designed for the benefit of the Caregiver as opposed to the patient. Our home has been carefully designed for our residents suffering from Cognitive Impairment. While many institutional living facilities choose to sedate residents and place them in front of a loud television, offer minimal care and have high staff turnover. We strive to engage residents with fulfilling activities that keep their minds active, an environment that encourages independence and staff that are passionate about providing care to Senior Citizens with Cognitive Impairment.

Our uniquely designed single-story structure enables our residents in way finding.  This important design element reduces agitation and creates a healthy environment for residents.   Our home features a single entry/exit point and features that include:

  • A Veranda
  • Raised Beds
  • Chicken Coup
  • Multiple Activity Area
  • A Barn
  • Farm Pets
  • A Greenhouse For Gardening

Modeled from successful farm care facilities in Europe, Green Care Farms has a maximum of 15 residents so the specially-chosen staff can focus on care.

The thoughtful, efficient design utilizes eco-friendly green technologies wherever possible such as solar, rain water harvesting, efficient HVAC systems, etc. to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

Green Care Farms will be licensed as an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) with assistance with Activities of Daily such as:

  • Bathing
  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Mobility

And Much More………

Our caregivers will encourage independence, individuality and choice. Care is provided with compassion and dignity; we also respect each resident’s right to privacy.

We have been fortunate to have talented advisors:

Nicole L. Voigt, Attorney at Law
Shanahan & Voigt, LLC
Attorney; Real Estate Land Use

Michael K. Ford, P.E.
Van Cleef Engineering Associates, LLC

Anjili Baxi, Esq.
Giordano Halleran & Ciesla
Attorney; Health Care

Himanshu Singh, ESQ
Advisor Patents, Copyrights and Trademark

Mukesh Mehta
Advisor Management Consultant

Ashu Pal
Advisor Management Consultant

We are grateful to our peers that have been generous with their time and thoughtful suggestions:

Lydia van Ravenhorst; Care Farmer
De Steeg 4 A
3931 PM Woudenberg

Arjan & Ronald Van De Vliet; Care Farmers
Op Aarde – een boerderij met Zaai, Zorg,
Zin & Zon Sleepseweg 9
3231 LG Brielle Netherlands

Maarten Fischer; Care Farmer
A Plus Health Care
Kalispell, MT USA

Hellen Junggeburth & Dolf Becx; Care Farmer
Zorgmanager Zorgboerderij Giersbergen
Gecertificeerd volgens het Böhm-verpleegmodel.
Giersbergen 2 | 5151 RG Drunen

Architecture Design Peer Review

Davide Landi M.ENG M.ARCH
Liverpool, UK